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Old gluten free Manchego cheese for lovers of Spanish sheep cheese. The cheese is rested and refined for at least 10 months to give it all its flavor.

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Chardonnay is the most widespread and popular white variety in the world. It gives rise to balanced wines with a fresh bouquet of ripe fruits, with exotic and floral touches. It sweeps the sweet (honey) without becoming so, with a fair proportion of acidity.

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Wine with a beautiful bright golden color, intense chardonnay complex, requires a slight decanting to show their finesse, their creamy notes, honey, sweet and ripe fruit. The palate is round velvety and pleasant.

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Vino con un bel colore dorato brillante, intenso complesso chardonnay, richiede una leggera decantazione per mostrare la loro finezza, le loro note cremose, miele, frutta dolce e matura. Il palato è rotondo vellutato e piacevole.

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A wine with a color od straw yellow with golden trim. Clean and bright Verdesol Sauvignon Blanc has a unique personality in this variety. Medium-high intensity with aromas of citrus fruits combined with floral aromas and white fruits.

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A straw yellow wine color with greenish flashes that give it a bright appearance. The nose presents complex aromas, with good balance between the stone fruit and the creamy notes that come from the barrel aging.

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Pale yellow wine. Nose: powerful and fresh varietal aromas. Mouth: a well structured and fruity palate, with good final development.

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Pale yellow wine, with youthful steel edging, reflections of new gold with greenish traces. Of remarkable intensity, primary aromas of white fruit appear in the foreground with hints of apple, apricot and fresh pear.

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A wine or bright golden color, greenish reflections. Nose: pears in wine, peach in syrup, honeyed touches, citrus fruits such as lemon and orange peel, tropical mango and papaya, floral touches. Mouth: entry very dry but greedy at the same time.

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Wine of color Bright red of medium intensity. In the nose the intensity is good, the red fruit comes out, aromas of trinkets and a slight fine herbaceous point. The entry into the mouth is refreshing, light, fruity and with medium-long aftertaste.

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Clean color wine with a very attractive raspberry pink color, with a lot of red fruit on the nose, strawberries and jelly beans, in the mouth it is fresh, harmonious with a long step and a sweet sensation at the end. It combines very well with all kinds of rice, pizzas and Italian pasta-based food.

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A soft and harmonious wine, with intense color, and a perfect balance between the body of the wine and its natural acidity. The freshness, the aromas of ripe red fruits and the softness of this dry rose wine make it perfect to accompany rice dishes and salads

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Clean, bright wine with a good tear and raspberry color. Regarding the aroma, its intensity is medium-high, with a lot of red fruit, and where we perceive the aroma of strawberry yogurt together with memories of strawberry and raspberry jelly beans. The palate is sweet, fresh and balanced with a medium persistence, easy to drink with a fruity character.

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