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Anis DEL MONO, has a delicious sugary touch and is a great digestive liquor that can be drunk only at a warm, very cold temperature, with or without ice, in an ice cold shot or in a glass. Also this catalan liquor can be served with a jet of water to make the drink PALOMA or with a few drops of lemon to bring a citrus touch.

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This sparkling wine Anna Codorniu 75 Cl 11.5º has a straw yellow color, clear and lively. Unmistakable aromatic notes brought by Chardonnay without masking those of other varieties, which give it unique and very personal characteristics. Cava Anna Codorniu is recommended to accompany creams, foie gras, as well as fish and pasta. Buy Anna Codorniu 75 Cl...

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Cava sparkling wine Freixenet Cord Black Black 75Cl 12º has a bright greenish yellow color and a fine and persistent bubble, which forms an excellent crown. On the nose, the fruity aromas predominate, highlighting the green apple and a citrus background: lemon peel.

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Cava Juve Camps Reserva Familia sparkling wine has fruity aromas of pear and melon and citrus fruits like grapefruit and lemon. Notes of honey, nuts and pastries. In the mouth it is very pleasant. The aromas are also perceived in the mouth, with a predominance of citrus fruits with some floral memories.

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Sparkling wine Freixenet Carta Nevada Brut has a straw yellow color, clean and bright with medium size bubble, forms a good crown. This cava de catalunya has light floral aromas and a consistent structure in the mouth due to its half aging. It is a good wine to accompany the pasta, rice and salad. Serve at 6ºC. Buy Freixenet champagne Carta Carta Brut...

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Sparkling wine Jaume Serra brut nature has a straw yellow color with greenish tones, bright and an abundant bubble, small size and vertical detachment, which ends up forming a crown. The aromatic intensity and the complexity of nuances stand out in the nose. Read more here below.

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The Cannelloni El Pavo have kept the same elaboration since its appearance in 1911 with the best semolina, are ideal for preparing authentic and traditional cannelloni. Buy Cannelloni El Pavo here.

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The precooked El Pavo cannelloni do not need cooking because the leaves are already precooked with an exclusive system that guarantees all its flavor and quality. That's why they are easy to use to make your cannelloni quickly. But The Instant Easy Cannelloni El Pavo 12 sheets.

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