Online shop selling Spanish appetizers at the best price. Here you can buy Spanish cheeses, Spanish charcuterie, pâtés, liqueurs, tapas, canned seafood, nuts, olives and pickles.


    Here you can buy bomba rice to make mixed paella, paella valenciana, seafood paella or specialties based on rice.

    We propose a wide range of products to make the paella: Calasparras rice, La Fallera rice, Brillante rice, paella spice, saffron, food coloring, paella broth and more ingredients to discover here below.

    Our range of rice, is ideal for mixed paella, Valencian paella, seafood paella or rice-based specialties. Here you have the ingredients to make paella.

    To make a good paella is important to have a good broth, bomba rice, Extra rice, saffron, food coloring or spices for paella. To brown the chicken and garlic is necessary tu use olive oil. Also add crushed tomatoes, and beans flat and laurel in option to give a Mediterranean taste. For decoration you can put over peppers.


    Our Spanish food store offers olive oils of the brand Carbonell, Capicua, Manzano, La Masia, Coosur, La Española, Avima, Manzumo.

    We also have a range of vinegars: Coosur Sherry Vinegar, Merry Sherry Vinegar, Vrasioso White Vinagre, Vega Arranjuez Garlic Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar.

    Our online store deli offers a range of olive oils and a range of vinegars to make all kinds of sauces. The Spanish olive oils have a mild or intense flavor. Sherry vinegars allows them to make hot or cold meat sauces for salad sauces.

  • Canned Vegetables

    Our online supermarket proposes for sale canned vegetables such as mushrooms of pines, mushrooms, red peppers, chickpeas, corn, artichokes, asparagus, fried onions, peas, peppers salad. ....


    Our online supermarket proposes to sell ready-made soups and prepared soups of the brand: Knorr, Avecrem, Gallina Blanca, Maggi, Yatekomo Chinese soups ...

  • Breakfast

    Online supermarket offers for sale a wide variety of products for breakfast such as chocolate powder, cocoa cream, all types of biscuits for breakfast, cookies for snack, jams, coffee capsules, ground coffee, coffee beans, honeys, infusions, teas,

    Our online supermarket offers a large selection of cookies or you can buy cookies disnosorus, buy biscuits without butter, buy cookies chocolates, buy wafers, biscuits galletas maria etc ...

    But also the products of the range of Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee, range of cafes, Bahia, Valiente range of cafes and Carte Noire coffees range.

    Check out our great selection of Valor chocolates, chocolate bars, chocolate Nestle chocolate churros.

    Have a look at our traditional jams, jam Hero range, range of jams la Vieja Fabrica, the range of Hida jams, the range of Ligeresa jams. Come and discover the range of tea and infusions Pompadour, Carmencita infusions, Hornimans range of teas.


    We ship these products only between October 1st and April 30st. No shipping for USA all the year.


    Our online supermarket offers spices: saffron, food coloring, pebble, basil, cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder, pepper, dried parsley, dried garlic, tarragon, dried mint, bay leaves, dill leaves, curry, paprika , oregano, nutmeg, white pepper, black pepper, cardamam, anis estrallado, licorice ...


    Here our range of dry legumes, where you can buy dried lentils, dry beans, dry peas...


    Our online Spanish grocery offers for sale typical Spanish preserved dishes from several Spanish regions, dishes from Madrid, dishes from Castilla la Mancha, dishes from Asturias...

    Spanish regional dishes: pickled partridge, pickled quail, Asturian fabada, stuffed piquillo peppers, veal to the gardener, salted crab, loin in sauce, chickpea tripes, meatballs, tripe to madrileña ...  Ffree shipping costs fro UK

    Our selection of Spanish specialties such as ready meals, prepared salads, dish with lentils, chorizo dish, dish with chickpeas, beans dish ...Perdiz en escabeche, codornices en escabeche, Fabada asturiana, Pimientos piquillos rellenos, ternera a la jardinera, cangrejo en salada, Lomo en salsa, Callos con garbazos, albóndigas, callos a la madrileña…


    Our online supermarket offers for sale fideua, pasta, original pasta, dry ravioli, gluten-free pasta, rice pasta, pasta with egg, pasta, pine nuts, noodles, letter noodles, pasta, cannelloni .... Big choice of noodles.
    Pasta brands, Pasta Gallo, EL PAVO, La Molisana. ...

    Online shop where you can buy pasta noodles, spaghetti, whole wheat pasta, original pastas, ravioli dry ...

  • FISH

    Our online supermarket offers for sale sardine canned, preserved tuna, preserved mackerel, preserved tuna in oil, sardine tomato sauce canned, tinned natural tuna, canned tuna olive oil, preserved spicy sardines, pickled, Tinned Bonito, preserved anchovies ...
    Canned fish brands: Isabel, Calvo, El Menu, Orbe, La Coca, Tejero, Montey, Ortiz, Ubago, Miau, Albo, Boya.

    Our range of canned fish online where you can buy canned sardine, canned tuna, canned tuna Sale in olive oil, canned tuna in oil, canned sardines spicy preserves of bonite, preserved anchovies ...


    Our online supermarket offers the sale of easy-to-make desserts such as flan, chocolate cake, strawberry cake, lemon cake, fruit in syrup, Catalan cream, liquid caramel, desserts syrups, Oreo cake, chocolate mousse cake, Cheese cake , topings to decorate desserts, flavored gelatin, natillas...

    Dessert brands: Natural Zero, Royal, Flan Chino Mandarin, Maizaena, Dr OETKER, Carmencita ...

    Here is our selection of desserts, where you can buy desserts, easy to make, flan, chocolate cake, strawberry cake, lemon cake, fruit in syrup, crema catalana liquid caramel ...

    We offer easy desserts to prepare, you just need to heat the milk and mix the contents of the bag. With these fast desserts, they just need to stir, let cool and serve in 4 hours.


    Our online supermarket offers for sale a large selection of sauces: salsa brava, mayonnaise, garlic sauce, soy sauce, aoili sauce, sherry sauce, pepper sauce, coktail sauce, mustard for hamburgers, rose sauce, BBQ Sauce, curry sauce, kebab sauce, salad sauce with Cesar sauce, yogurt sauce, gluten-free sauce, lactose-free sauces ...

    Sauce brands: Heinz, Chovi, Coosur, Natural Zero, Ligeresa, Kraft,

    Online sale of sauces, which you can buy salsa, mayonnaise, garlic, soy sauce, aoili sauce, sherry, pepper sauce, cocktail sauce, mustard ...


    Our online supermarket proposes tomato sauces for sale where you can buy fried tomato gluten free, crushed tomato, homemade fried tomato, traditional tomate frito, traditional fried tomato sauce.

    Fried tomato brands: Orlando, Heinz, Hida, Apis,

    Find out here tomato sauces, where you can buy tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes, sauce Bolognese, Neapolitan sauce, homemade tomato sauce, traditional fried tomato, traditional fried tomato sauce ....


    Our online supermarket offers for sale all types of sweets candies, and chewing gum, fruit candies, traditional candies, melon chewing gum, strawberry chewing gum, mint chewing gum, red fruit chewin gum ...

    Candy sale online, where you can buy sweets, Fruit sweets, traditional sweets, melon gum, strawberry gum, peppermint gum, gum berries...


    Our Spanish shop offers Spanish specialties of differents regions Spain, as the culinary specialties of the region of Madrid, the Spanish specialty tapas from the Basque country, Spanish gastronomic specialties of the region of Asturias, Spanish specialties from the region of Galicia and the way to Saint Jacques de Compostel and specialties of Castilla la Mancha.

    But our deli offers also mediterranean specialties of Catalonia, the gastronomic specialties of the region of Valencia, the culiniaires specialties Murcia, Andalusian specialties.


    Our online supermarket offers for sale gluten-free cookies, gluten-free tomato sauce, gluten-free cheeses, gluten-free charcuterie, gluten-free beer, gluten-free beverages, gluten-free fish preserves, gluten-free canned seafood, gluten-free sauce...

    Online sale of gluten-free products: tomato sauce, mayonnaise, brava sauce, canned seafood, chocolate, coffee, beer


    Our online Spanish grocery store offers a wide choice of inexpensive Spanish dietetic products essential for a healthy and balanced diet. Select what interests you according to the products here.

  • Baby food

    Online supermarket for baby food with free home delivery, discover our special offers this month


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