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5,74 € 6,17 € -7%

Old gluten free Manchego cheese for lovers of Spanish sheep cheese. The cheese is rested and refined for at least 10 months to give it all its flavor.

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Serrano ham from typical Spanish mountain with his bone.

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A delicious Spanish sobrasada cream with pork bacon, pork meat(27%), paprika, salt, spices. antioxidants (e-306, e-304). conservative (e-252). coloring: e-120. contains traces of soy.

4,82 € 5,18 € -7%

Gluten free spanish chorizo, ideal for celiac people

4,82 € 5,18 € -7%

Gluten free spanish chorizo, perfect for celiacs, also without preservatives, dyes and phosphates.

3,42 € 3,67 € -7%

The turkey Fuet Campofrío is a delicious sausage to take as an aperitif or sandwich. Without pork.

3,42 € 3,67 € -7%

A delicious fuet with Iberian pork

3,42 € 3,67 € -7%

Spanish fillet made with Iberian pork

6,62 € 7,12 € -7%

Iberian pork ham gluten-free lactose-free is suitable for celiacs.

3,53 € 3,80 € -7%

Navidul Serrano ham gluten free ideal for people with a low fat diet.

2,65 € 2,85 € -7%

Buy this sliced ??Iberian sausage to appreciate the tenderness of its meat, you will buy it again.

1,71 € 1,84 € -7%

Spanish Gluten-free Spanish Longaniza with a traditional recipe of drying and with a sweet and characteristic flavor.

1,71 € 1,84 € -7%

Spanish Gluten-Free Pork Chorizo ??from artisanal recipes, traditionally dried and with a sweet and characteristic flavor.

3,72 € 4,00 € -7%

Spanish chorizo, elaborated according to traditional recipes of the centenary and with totally natural ingredients. With salt, garlic, paprika and pork tripe are his only ingredients, providing a unique aroma and flavor, able to awaken the most authentic sensations in the mouth.

3,72 € 4,00 € -7%

Spanish spicy chorizo ??is ideal for lovers of intense and pleasant flavors.This spicy Spanish chorizo ??is made from the most authentic centennial recipe: pork, salt, garlic, paprika and gut natural products are a totally natural product

5,59 € 6,01 € -7%

Spanish sausage ripened in Toledo with a characteristic flavor.

3,43 € 3,69 € -7%

The typically Catalan cold meats with this Espetec saussicon ideal to share as an aperitif or for the sandwich.

4,78 € 5,14 € -7%

Iberian sliced ??ham ideal to enjoy as an aperitif. You will buy again for the tenderness of his meat.

9,48 € 10,20 € -7%

Serrano ham tray ideal for catering or when you have guests at home.

13,86 € 14,91 € -7%

Chorizo ??de orza is a specialty of the region of Castile, when chorizo ??is cooked it is put in olive oil to keep it without need of cold. It can be accompanied to eat with garlic and potatoes.

11,81 € 12,69 € -7%

Lomo d'orza is a specialty of the region of Castile, where the long pork is cooked and then put in olive oil without the need for cold storage. We eat it with garlic and potatoes.

5,59 € 6,01 € -7%

Sheep cheese typical of the region of Castile-La Mancha, powerful in taste and ideal to serve as an aperitif with a good wine

4,76 € 5,12 € -7%

Spanish cheese with a flavor: clean, fresh and well defined. Sweet and unctuous where the characteristics of the three milks are appreciated: the acidity of the cow, the spicy aroma and touch, the whitish color of the goat's milk, unctuous with a deep flavor of sheep's milk.

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